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Denise Martin

Energy Healer

BodyTalk is a science-backed, consciousness-based, holistic approach to healing. By addressing the entire person rather than one specific issue, BodyTalk is a “whole-healthcare” system that promotes healing from any and all types of injuries, be it emotional, physical, and/or environmental influences causing the underlying conditions.

I was referred to BodyTalk by my acupuncturist. God bless him! I consistently have amazing shifts in my mind and body every session. The chronic, crippling pain is gone, the depression lifted, and energy is up! After just three sessions, I knew I wanted to bring BodyTalk to my tribe of family, friends, and clients.

My chronic, crippling pain and depression are GONE! After 3 months, I signed up to learn BodyTalk to help my family, friends, and clients. I’m eager to share my skills and to see what benefits arise for you! I’m motivated to help others because I love hearing the “BodyTalk changed my life” stories. When I believe in something, I become a walking billboard for it. So here I AM, bringing BodyTalk to YOU!

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